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A digital presence is a must in every industry. Modern customers and users expect a personal service, seamless customer experience and plenty of engagement.

How can we help?

Whether you’re in retail, media or any other industry, we’ll help you build a strategic plan and get you up and running with the perfect services and experiences for your specific sector. We’re happy to proactively work with you and your team to come up with the best digital solutions for your customers.


It’s essential for production companies to stay up to date in the digital world. Digital supply systems are not only effective and efficient, they can actually expand your market. Meanwhile, contact with customers is much easier by digital means. We’ll help you select and install the right technologies. You’ll never look back.


Connect and Personalise Retail Experiences Across Every Channel. Bring your vision for omnichannel retail to life and deliver exciting, personalised customer experiences with Salesforce.


Reviews, bookings, personal requirements, … it’s hard work for consumers to book the perfect holiday. Make it easy for them and they’ll be back! We can help you make the process easy and seamless with the right technologies and implementations.

Consumer Goods

E-commerce is here to stay. So brands must go digital, interact with end consumers, and offer a high-quality and personalised service. In order to stand out, your company’s trademark must stand for smooth customer journeys, consistently. Where to start? Ask FORWARD!


Communication is evolving… and fast. These days, customers want a personal and flawless customer service. So, why not beat their expectations by gathering the correct data and using it to provide a top-notch personal experience?


Give your customers good content, but don’t stop there! We can help you build a one-to-one relationship by providing content that is really relevant, by integrating data, social media, mobile, cloud, etc. Reap the rewards by engaging with your consumers, wherever they are, and on whichever device they are using.


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We are looking for Salesforce experts

Are you an expert in Salesforce? Or are you highly interested in Salesforce development? Then FORWARD could be a great place for you! We’re looking for Commerce cloud developers, Marketing cloud consultants and more! check out our open positions.

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