Salesforce Service Cloud

Break boundaries with Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud provides state-of-the-art customer service and resolves cases faster, better and smarter. Allowing you to connect with the customer like never before.

Go for gold in your customer service with this opportunity to expertly gather, manage and respond to all customer interactions.

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Personal and performance driven

  • Build towards a unified, 360° customer view (chosen channels, specific purchases, etc.) targeting tailor-made support
  • Equip your customer service team with a streamlined, intuitive experience with tools which allow a quick and efficient response to customers
  • Listen and respond across various digital channels, including messaging, chat and social networks
  • Score with highly personalised and intelligent customer service using integrated AI
  • Gain new insights and expand your knowledge base through interactions with customers
  • Requires no further configuration/code

About Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a standalone product to which the following products may be added, to suit your specific business requirements. Seamless, cost-effective and efficient.

Customer Service

Give agents a holistic view of every customer, whether they’re in the contact centre or working remotely. Scale and optimise service by leveraging AI and integrating popular support channels — like phone, messaging and chat — directly into the agent workspace.


Help customers find critical answers fast — on their terms. Connect your customers to everything from account information to helpful agents

Digital Channels

Reach customers on every digital channel. Whether it’s mobile messaging,
web chat, or social networks, the service platform helps you provide a
consistent experience while increasing CSAT.

Field Service 

Increase the online and offline productivity of your field service with these optimisation tools. 

How can FORWARD and Service Cloud help you?

Whether you’re a large or small player, Service Cloud suits every company involved in interacting with customers. We’ll be delighted to help you get ahead of the game and provide the best service.


Moving forward?

Interested in equipping your company with Service Cloud? We’ll start with a look at your specific needs in one or more workshops. Then we’ll define the requirements in user stories and establish the workload. 

For the kick-off we’ll team up to decide on the length of sprints and the best approach. In the final lap we’ll focus on configuration and development.

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