Data Cloud

What is a Data Cloud ?

Data Cloud, previously ‘CDP’ or Customer Data Platform (CDP) drives personalization and engagement for your customers. Salesforce Data Cloud is a platform that enables businesses to unify and activate their data across various Salesforce applications. It’s deeply integrated with the Einstein AI Platform, allowing companies to use external data lakes or warehouses to drive actions and workflows within their CRM systems It can be used throughout the entire customer funnel from acquisition to retention.

Data Cloud connects to the entire Salesforce marketing ecosystem for messaging, advertising, personalization, and analytics. Additionaly you can use pre-built connectors or our zero-copy integrations to quickly pull in data from across your enterprise that’s trapped in platforms like AWS, Snowflake, and Google Big Query.

What is it capable of?

  • Build a single source of truth: Create a unified profile across all touchpoints by connecting identities, engagement data, customer orders, loyalty, marketing journeys and privacy management.
  • Bring all your data under one roof: Capture and unify data from anywhere with a high-scale data ingestion service.
  • Understand your audience across your organization: Use unified data to make every engagement contextual, personalized, and human across marketing, commerce, service, and sales
  • Engage everywhere: activate your customer data across any advertising, messaging, or engagement platform.
  • Gain insights based on analytics: Make better decisions by understanding your customer in any moment through AI-powered analytics

The marketer’s

Data Cloud will bring data together from different data sources and will help you understand the customers’ potential, across the entire business. It helps simplifying and connecting all the information that businesses build up over time on their customers.

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