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How to boost your campaign management skills with FastForward Marketing Cloud Enablement Accelerator

Are you already running your campaigns on Marketing Cloud, but you have the feeling you are not using it to its full potential? Then the FastForward Marketing Cloud Enablement Accelerator is your answer. Our collaborative coaching track is designed to enable you to the full extend of the Marketing Cloud potential, in line with your company goals. Empower yourself by taking full ownership over your marketing strategy and implementation.

What is included?

Unlock the full potential of your Marketing Cloud tools with our comprehensive programme.

Step 1: Tool setup deep dive and report

In four days, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your current setup, providing an improvement report and holding a half-day on-site debrief to discuss our findings.

Step 2: Hands-on training and slide deck

Based on these insights, we’ll deliver two days of personalised, hands-on training tailored to your company’s objectives and current tool knowledge.

Step 3: On the job coaching and documented approach

To ensure your team can apply their new skills effectively, we’ll provide remote, on-the-job collaborative coaching for two days a week, for three weeks, structured around a pre-defined and agreed journey backlog. Elevate your marketing efforts with our expert guidance and support, and drive your business forward with confidence.

Out-of-the box Accelerator
assets & insights

Experience unparalleled precision in your marketing strategy with our expert services. We begin with a thorough data setup screening, followed by tailored segmentation and personalisation recommendations. Our team will propose additional features and tactics to enhance your efforts, providing a detailed deep dive and improvements report. You’ll receive a comprehensive handout of the personalised training deck, and our coaching will fully document journey improvements, ensuring your team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to excel. Elevate your marketing game with our detailed and personalised approach, driving your business forward with precision and confidence.

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