Where serious skills meet a not-so-serious
sense of joy, ensuring every line of code
carries a sprinkle of fun!​

Join us in shaping the future of the world’s most beloved brands and become a skilled specialist yourself.

Join us and become part of a tribe where innovation meets inspiration. In our world, culture is key, and we thrive together in a nurturing environment that values every tribe member’s journey. Your career is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to grow, make an impact, and contribute to a community that champions collaboration and celebrates success.

We’re looking for motivated tribe members eager to explore, create, and push boundaries in the digital world. If you’re passionate about making a difference and excited to work in a place that feels like home, FORWARD is where your adventure begins.

FORWARD 5 years Ibiza teambuilding

Let's team up!

Salesforce Test Engineer

Amsterdam - Hasselt - Antwerp - Valencia

Commerce Cloud Architect

Amsterdam - Hasselt - Antwerp - Valencia

B2B Commerce Developer

Amsterdam - Hasselt - Antwerp - Valencia

Project Manager


OMS developer

Amsterdam - Hasselt - Antwerp - Valencia

Salesforce CRM Consultant

Amsterdam - Hasselt - Antwerp

People minded

At our core is a mix of talent, passion, and inspiration embodied by our tribe members. Our goal is to create a workplace where each person not only feels respected and valued but also becomes a driving force for the growth of their unique talents. This approach doesn’t just contribute to a more joyful and productive work atmosphere; it also broadens our perspectives to different views, guiding us toward creating better products.

A hybrid work environment

Embrace the freedom of our hybrid work culture at FORWARD. Our tribe thrives with a 60% work-from-home flexibility and enjoys the collaborative spirit of 20% office time. With offices in Hasselt, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Valencia, we offer a dynamic blend that empowers our tribe to achieve their best, wherever they are.

Priscilla Calemi & Dempsey Giunta
FORWARD Amsterdam

Bruno Braes

CEO & co-Founder FORWARD

“FORWARD isn’t just a company; we’re a vibrant community, a tribe united by a shared vision. Our people aren’t just employees; they’re the heartbeat of FORWARD, the essence that sets us apart”

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Get ready for a sneak peek into the heart of our vibrant universe. From workdays filled with high-fives to breakthrough moments that spark joy, we’re all about the awesome vibes. Join us on this journey where every day feels like a celebration.

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Kempische Steenweg 311
3500 Hasselt, Belgium


Veldkant 7,
2550 Kontich, Belgium


Cruquiusweg 110 – F, 

1019 AK Amsterdam


Av. d’Aragó, 30,

46021 València, Valencia, Spain

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