Transform your Marketing: Easily Migrate from Selligent to Marketing Cloud

Experience the power of Integration, Scalability, and Advanced Personalization

Are you facing challenges with your current Marigold Engage platform (Selligent)? Struggling with limited integrations, scalability issues, or outdated tools? It’s time for a change! Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a robust solution to overcome these pain points and propel your marketing efforts to new heights.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enjoy:

  • Seamless integration with all your essential tools for a unified marketing ecosystem. 
  • Unmatched scalability to grow with your business and handle complex campaigns effortlessly. 
  • A user-friendly interface that boosts productivity and reduces training time. 
  • Advanced AI and automation features that enable highly personalised customer journeys. 
  • Powerful analytics tools to optimise your campaigns and demonstrate clear ROI. 
  • Extensive support and a thriving community to ensure your success.

Don’t let your marketing be held back by limitations. Make the switch to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy. Contact us today to learn more about our seamless migration process and start your journey towards more effective and efficient marketing!

How can we help?

    • Analyse your current setup and develop a performant data model
    • Integrate and synch your data model in Marketing Cloud
    • Lift and shift your current journeys
    • Enhance your campaigns with AI capabilities
    • Deliver a hands-on training tailored to your needs

Simplify your Marketing Cloud setup within budget with our Accelerator

FORWARD has developed a faster and more effective starting point for Marketing Cloud implementations. Enhance your marketing strategy with the Fast Forward Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerator. A comprehensive solution equipping businesses with the tools and features necessary to create personalized, multi-channel campaigns that meet digital-first expectations.

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