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Digital design

At FORWARD, our designers are experts in every aspect of the product design process: from concept right through to implementation. If you’re keen to futureproof your design and UX, we’ll take care of your brand new UI, or redesign.

Design print

Fast forward is our motto. Our method? An intensive, 5-day design sprint, which helps forward-looking clients move faster. Using Google venture design methods, we’ll dive deep into the hearts and minds of your potential customers and tackle your specific business challenges. The result? Rapid focus and direction, plus realistic new ideas.

The FORWARD Design Sprint involves an intense exploration of the concept and its initial UX and design. Strategy, innovation, UX and design thinking are combined into a rapid and scalable process. The essence lies in working together – 1 room for 5 days (offsite or remote) – to create a new commerce environment and business ideas, and includes design, prototyping and testing with real customers. Thanks to this approach, we can shortcut discussions and deliver results within a matter of weeks.

Building an e-commerce prototype

At FORWARD, we believe that prototypes are essential deliverables for both the web and mobile application design phases. Therefore, we cut no corners and build a quality product that your stakeholders will be eager to approve. This tried-&-tested method brings transparency and reassurance for everyone, and ensures no bad surprises or costly reworks down the line.

E-commerce interface design

If you’re looking to make things easy and enjoyable for your users, let’s put our heads together! Whether it’s for a web or mobile application, we pride ourselves on beautiful designs, in tune with your brand, and convenient simplicity for your target users. You know your users best, so we’ll combine your knowledge with our expertise. Then we’ll use what we’ve learned to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface, suiting consumers’ contemporary demands and lifestyles, and keeping you futureproof.

E-commerce redesign


If you already have an application that users love, that’s great! Why start again? Rather than go back to the drawing board, let us reshape your existing application to reflect new brand guidelines or a new design language, or simply create something fresh and exciting. With an audit we’ll identify any issues or improvements, and quickly bring you an affordable redesign that ticks all the boxes. In doing so, you’ll benefit from the latest design opportunities and continue to keep your consumers satisfied.

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