Lunch Garden

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The story of Lunch Garden

Lunch Garden is a relaxed and informal restaurant chain with 75 locations throughout Belgium, offering a range of homemade, traditional Belgian favourites for the whole family. 

Lunch Garden

Customer challenge

Lunch Garden worked with a tailored CRM & Marketing Automation tool but quickly bumped into limitations of it. It was time to take next steps towards a data driven platform, a future proof alternative that could support both current structure and offer possibilities for future KPIs.


Our challenge was threefold. In the first place, we needed to provide a system that is capable of answering both current and future business needs. Secondly, there was a necessity to have an operational team at hand that is experienced in different fields such as CRM, Marketing Automation and reporting. Last but not least, we were required to migrate one system to another in a limited timeframe. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Multicloud


Loyalty Management


Consumer Goods

Mosselen Lunch Garden
Lunch Garden

Customer solution

Setting up a new Salesforce Ecosystem provided multiple standalone platforms each specialised in a different domain: CRM, Marketing Automation and reporting. Connecting these platforms ensured  a strong synergy that was needed for the future Lunch Garden landscape. It enabled various elements such as:

  • The automation of all marketing activities via Salesforce Marketing Cloud through personalized customer journeys
  • Usage of loyalty cards
  • Integration of AI and social media 
Lunch Garden
10 %
more revenue
since the launch
60 %
adoption rate
+ 1 K
4 /5

The result

The Salesforce data-driven solution allowed Lunch Garden to create a customer 360° view which facilitates to build a 1 on 1 relationship and eventually guarantees a continuously growing customer loyalty.

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