How everyone can be Einstein: get started with Salesforce AI

Salesforce is a pioneer in making simple and intuitive generative AI available for business users to empower customers. There is much to learn about its capabilities on how you can drive productivity within your organisation with predictive and generative AI.

From Marketing to Sales, Customer Service and Commerce AI, Salesforce empowers sellers, agents and marketers with AI tools. However, it’s not entirely new – predictive AI has been part of the Salesforce ecosystem since 2016 with Einstein for Marketing and Sales. In September 2023, Salesforce announced the new Einstein 1 being natively integrated with the Data Cloud platform: a solution that harmonises and connects any data to create a unified profile of the customer and now gets infused with AI, automation and analytics for next level insights into every customer experience.

With Data Cloud, we’re currently at a momentum where fragmented customer data within companies is getting organised into 1 platform so that a unified view is established. As we move further away from siloed islands of customer data and providing a better customer experience is landing more into organizations, business users are looking forward to a new generation of better serving customers. Nearly 7 out of 10 workers say generative AI will help them with that. 61% of workers embrace generative AI, while nearly 60% of those who plan to use this technology don’t know how to do so using trusted data sources. *


In this article you can learn how you can get hands-on with Einstein AI and Data Cloud platform and what it can mean for your business. The AI mission of Salesforce is to develop generative AI solutions that help users easily, efficiently, and intelligently optimise their data consumption.

What we know already: generative AI traditionally acts in response to a user’s query or request to produce something. Current solutions provide answers such as enhancing their search results to effectively summarising findings, helping them quickly answer questions. Prompt Builder and Einstein Copilot are Salesforce’s user-facing sidekicks right on your screen, ready to help you on demand.


Prompt Builder: Putting an end to repetitive tasks with AI


With Prompt Builder you can empower your employees in Data Cloud with a Large Language Model (LLM) to finish tasks faster using accurate and reusable prompts grounded in your own data. What is essential to build a prompt? Let us explain the anatomy of a good prompt.

In a prompt template you can streamline content generation: you create all your instructions and all resources where you can ground your data and using the best LLM for the job, with no code. Prompt templates are unique because they include placeholders for specific details like customer names, products, and case data. Each time a prompt template is then used for a personalised case, it merges the data to create a unique, personalised prompt. You can build prompts once and reuse them everywhere in Einstein Copilot, Lightning pages and flows. 

Prompt Template Workspace

Streamline content generation and ground your prompt in real data with placeholders in a prompt template. These instructions are sent to the LLM and in the response you’ll get a generated summary of the case in just a few sentences.

Work smarter with Einstein Copilot: Your AI Assistant

Einstein Copilot takes the power of Data Cloud and the convenience of an AI assistant, and then adds the complex natural language processing abilities of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to understand and engage with you in a conversational way. Copilot uses your input, such as a prompt, and the trusted data that’s in your organisation to give accurate answers and execute the right actions. Based on what you ask, Copilot might formulate sales or marketing guidance, auto-generate emails, summarise service work or visualise data. 
Service Console

Einstein Copilot for Salesforce is designed to be an engaging, conversational AI assistant that helps employees complete tasks for a wide range of business use cases using Data Cloud and your grounded data. It works across the ecosystem and is natively integrated into every Salesforce application. 

This tool will make your life easier and help you accelerate time to value. Not only will it boost your productivity, since Einstein is totally grounded in your businesses’ data, it will help you make better decisions.

See the power: How Einstein can transform your work

With Einstein for Sales you can close deals much faster: 

Copilot can research accounts, automatically summarize highlights, auto-generate emails that fit your tone and style. Einstein can help you generate emails, prioritise leads and opportunities that are most likely to convert, uncover pipeline trends, predict sales forecasts, automate data capture.

With Einstein for
Service you can turn your customer service organisation into a growth engine: 

You will be able to scale support with custom chatbots as Einstein can automatically predict case fields and route cases. You can receive intelligent conversation suggestions and in-context recommendations. Copilot is here to resolve customer issues using fast generative answers and auto-summarize support cases and field work orders.

With Einstein for
Marketing you have access to tools to make every customer journey and interaction personalised and effective:

Generative AI for marketing can automatically generate email copy for marketing campaigns. Einstein Recipes can create email content recommendations based on browsing behavior. You can let Einstein generate segments for you and understand customers better with predictive insights, and implement the suggestions on when and how often to engage with customers.

Service Console

Sell smarter with Einstein for Commerce: 

Enhance shopper experience by anticipating on shopper search intent, delivering personalised product recommendations with Copilot for Shoppers. Not only end-buyer experiences but also Einstein Commerce Insights can empower merchandisers to understand purchasing behavior through a dashboard. Time saving on Product and Content development with Einstein translation capabilities. 

With Einstein powering the Customer 360, teams can accelerate time to value, predict outcomes, and automatically generate content within the flow of work. Einstein is for everyone, empowering business users, Salesforce Admins and Developers to embed AI into every experience with low code. We’re looking forward to what Salesforce will be putting on the roadmap.


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