How Salesforce Personalization dips Neuhaus into customer delight

Step right into the world of Neuhaus, where chocolate isn't just a treat but a tradition that started way back in 1857.

This Belgian chocolatier began its journey as a pharmacy. Fast forward to today, Neuhaus is the go-to boutique for anyone craving premium chocolate pralines, shipping their highly praised pralines worldwide. And since their digital transformation to Salesforce in 2021, FORWARD has been, and still is their trusted partner in Salesforce Marketing, Service and Commerce Cloud. 

Cooking up a plan: Mixing tradition with tech

Neuhausheritage blends tradition with innovation. Evolving from its pharmacy roots, it now serves chocolate lovers worldwide. With 70% of customers choosing Neuhaus pralines for gifting, the challenge lays in understanding individual preferences. In a world where consumers crave personalised experiences, Neuhaus aimed to enhance its omnichannel presence by exploring personalisation capabilities within the Salesforce realm. 

Marketing Cloud Personalization as the secret sauce

Enter Marketing Cloud Personalization (MCP), the catalyst for Neuhaus‘ next online transformation. Our team of experts collaborated closely with Neuhaus, to create the recipe for success. And just as with every good recipe, the power lies in the preparation. Together we started with a series of discovery sessions to break down their online (personalisation) strategy, and decided how MCP campaigns could help attain those strategic objectives. 

For every new Marketing Cloud Personalization project, we adopt the following step-by-step approach: 

  • As part of the Personalization discovery process, our solution architect generally works with the Personalization customer to understand the business context and determine the web-channel solution architecture that the Sitemap configuration needs to implement. 
  • The discovery process produces a Blueprint document, which serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining all necessary web tracking requirements to be implemented through the Sitemap. This Sitemap then serves as an integration layer, to capture customers actions on the website, and push them to the Marketing Cloud Personalization app. 
  • Once the Sitemap and MCP platform were prepped, our north star was clear: Translate Neuhaus’ Personalization strategy and use cases to concrete campaigns to gather more insights on online browsing and shopping behavior. By leveraging those insights, Neuhaus is ready to deliver a more personalised online customer experience by using 1-on-1 product recommendations, exclusive offers, tailored content and more. 

Retail companies, like Neuhaus, gain benefits from enhanced personalisation and build stronger relationship with their audience, fostering loyalty and advocacy in the process. After all, who wouldn’t want to shop with a brand that truly understands and caters to their unique needs, even before you know it? 

Savoring the first results: A taste of success

As a first MCP campaign, Neuhaus wanted to help remind customers about the products they have shown explicit interest in on the website. And the numbers speak for themselves: An impressive conversion rate was achieved right after launch already, a testament to the power of personalised engagement. With automated income streams growing, Neuhaus profited from their digital evolution. 

Neuhaus Mockup

What's next on the menu?

Yet, the journey doesn’t end here. By leveraging our expertise with Salesforce tools, Neuhaus does more than sell delicious pralines; they create captivating customer experiences, before and after their purchase. Neuhaus looks ahead, focusing on launching new campaigns, while simultaneously leveraging and refining current campaigns and strategies. With the new Marketing Cloud Personalization capabilities readily available, Neuhaus proceeds its journey towards ongoing growth and premium customer delight. 

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