6 new Salesforce Data Cloud features for marketers

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing game? In this blog post, we’re diving into the latest and greatest features from Salesforce’s Data Cloud for Marketing. From smarter audience targeting to predictive insights, these tools are here to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient. It’s time to take your marketing strategies to the next level!

Einstein Segment

Our favorite clicks not code tool dropped what we all wished for. Out with the lengthy segment creation processes because with Einstein it’s now possible to generate segments with AI. Using simple phrases as “create a segment of females interested in outdoors” you can create your segment with generative AI in Salesforce Data Cloud. Einstein will preview a draft segment which you can still change if desired. It’s recommended to still check the outcome for accuracy before use. We only encourage marketers to start using these tools to achieve faster time to market campaigns.

Nested Segmentation

Why start from scratch when you can enhance your targeting strategy using existing segments? With nested segments, you have the flexibility to construct new segments by building upon your existing ones. This feature allows you to leverage established rules and common elements, enabling the creation of supersets, subsets, and exclusions. The introduction of Nested Segments not only streamlines the segment creation process but also enhances the efficiency and speed of generating targeted segments for your marketing initiatives.

Waterfall Segmentation

This innovative approach ensures that an individual customer can exist in only one segment at a time. Providing more precision and control to prevent too high marketing pressure for your customers. In contrast to conventional segmentation solely based on attributes like identity and interest, Waterfall Segmentation enables the creation of a prioritized list of audience segments. The user-friendly design allows you to seamlessly implement Waterfall Segmentation through drag-and-drop and the generative AI segmentation interfaces.

Einstein Lookalike Segment

Lookalike audiences, as the name suggests, creates segments that share the same characteristics to other desirable contacts in your database. This helps you focus on your high-value segments and create more of them. These Einstein lookalike segments are based on insights from your existing segments.

Segment Intelligence

With the creation of all these segments the urge to monitor them grows. Marketers consistently highlight the challenge of demonstrating their impact on growth, and addressing our clients’ concern is our priority. Therefor seamless tracking and optimization for every activated segment from Data Cloud is a must. With Segment Intelligence you can monitor performance across various channels such as paid media advertising, marketing engagement and web(shop) behavior, complete with return-on-ad-spend (RoAS) insights. With a straightforward setup and integration with common channels, including Marketing Cloud Engagement, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Commerce Cloud, marketers can optimize segments and activations effortlessly.

WhatsApp Activation Target

After using all Data Cloud’s features of creating perfect segments, activating these segments is the next step. There’s no use in having all the perfect segments just ‘sit’ in Data Cloud. Next to the already broad range of activation targets like Marketing Cloud Engagement, Google Ads, Meta and so on. Now expanding the Meta activation targets will also include WhatsApp, ensuring a full approach to your mobile strategy.

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