Digital e-commerce strategy

Looking for a game-changing digital commerce strategy, in B2C or B2B? Ask Forward! As an e-commerce specialised agency, with a full-service team of designers and data specialists, we can certainly help you. With expertise in conversion optimisation, user experience design and e-commerce performance, our approach is pioneering and proven, and can help you capitalise on (emerging) market opportunities. Our experts will guide you every step of the way through this complex but rewarding procedure.

Business alignment & strategic directions

Forward will help you find a focal point. Our strategic process generates practical concept directions, allowing you and your stakeholders to compare, choose, install… and move forward. We’ll manage market and consumer research, conduct stakeholder interviews, measure performance and reveal business insights driving your current and future success. Using strategic workshops, we’ll help you align on the most promising opportunities and challenges, and point you in the right direction for the two years ahead. Put your best foot forward, in other words!

E-commerce roadmap

Our roadmapping service covers every aspect in the design, development and product strategy for your e-commerce website. Naturally, in accordance with your budget and timing. Armed with a comprehensive and realistic roadmap, you can set off in the right direction with confidence. During (y)our journey, we’ll help you make trade-offs, prioritise features, and keep you informed. You’ll find our full service and transparency very refreshing.

E-commerce technology assessment

The key to making the most of your technology investment? Expert analysis! Our talented technologists will explore your project requirements and evaluate the best technologies with which to build and maintain your software. Once we truly understand your business challenges, we’ll recommend and design the perfect technology architecture. You can then enjoy the best solution to achieve your ambitions and make you futureproof.

Building your team

E-commerce development is a complex process with many moving parts. The same applies to acquiring the team you’ll need to succeed in your plans. Whether you need a partner, new recruits or managers, we’ll help you find exactly the right talent and team to build and support your next product launch. Trust Forward.

Website optimisation

At Forward, we’ve been helping companies optimise their apps for over 5 years. You’ll find our optimisation methods in some of the most successful e-commerce websites. You’ll therefore benefit from tried and tested methodology as we consider how to optimise key user flows within your commerce environment. The focus lies on increasing conversions, reducing abandonment and maximising time on page. Our mission is not about a new design, but achieving the most important tasks within your commerce environment quickly and efficiently.

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