How we helped Torfs in saving money by using
a multi-cloud solution?

September 12, 2024 
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM (UTC) 
Online Webinar

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A Multi-Cloud Ecosystem for Business Success

Imagine a business where data flows seamlessly between departments, where marketing, sales, and customer service are not just aligned but deeply integrated, creating a unified experience for your customers and efficiency for your team. The power of Multi-Cloud – uniting Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud – can make this your reality.

Join us for the fourth episode in the Future Forward Webinar Series, brought to you by FORWARD and Spire. Dive deep into crafting a cohesive system that leverages the full potential of cloud technology. Through the lens of the Torfssuccess story, we’ll show you the tangible benefits of a well-integrated Multi-Cloud environment.

Kiosk Torfs

Why attend this webinar?

Expert guidance on multi-cloud Strategies

Dive deep into the strategies for combining Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud into a cohesive ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and customer engagement.

A success story that inspires

Hear directly from renowned retailer Torfs about their journey toward Multi-Cloud integration and the transformative impact it had on their business operations and customer satisfaction.

Acquire Actionable Insights

Gain valuable, actionable insights that you can apply directly to your business. Learn how to navigate the complexities of cloud integration to achieve a seamless, innovative business model.

Webinar series

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