Boost your holiday sales with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Ho ho ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but is it also for your e-commerce, marketing automation and marketing analytics activities? Or is this a period where you see your competitors taking an advantage over your business, selling more than you by leveraging marketing automation tools? Discover how you can boost your holiday sales with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Figuring out how to draw people’s attention to your business in these times might feel like an overwhelming and daunting thought. Depending on your industry and target group, you might have already started this exercise when preparing for the infamous Black Friday and continue up until early January, after the traditional Christmas and New Year “holiday season”.

But what if you didn’t start this exercise yet and you are now feeling scooped by your competitors? No worries! This whitepaper will guide you through the different possibilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We unwrap some insights on a promotional campaign to give you a clear view of the flow we apply in Marketing Cloud.

Download the whitepaper below and find out how you can boost your holiday sales with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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