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Mirakl equips businesses to lead in the changing commerce landscape and helps your business launch and grow an eCommerce marketplace to offer more, learn more, and sell more online. Digital platforms are reshaping online businesses and Mirakl gives you the power to create and grow your own ecosystem of partners and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Take your online business beyond the limitations of traditional eCommerce to expand your online assortment, grow lifetime customer value, and adapt quickly to changes in consumer demand. Committed to ease of use, the Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into Salesforce Commerce Cloud giving you the ability to efficiently onboard third-party sellers, grow and optimize your catalog, and manage quality and customer experience.

Capabilities that accelerate time to market

With marketplace sales growing fast, companies need solutions that allow them to strike while the iron is hot and put the marketplace model to work quickly. While a manual Mirakl Marketplace integration is always an option, the Mirakl Marketplace Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud greatly simplifies and accelerates the process by:

  • Providing full integration with Mirakl Catalog Manager to aggregate catalogs from third-party sellers and enrich the quality and presentation of product information;
  • Expanding the existing Salesforce catalog with the option to include multiple offers per product from multiple sellers and in various conditions;
  • Extending Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture to provide an end-to-end customer journey from product lookup to order placement;
  • Enabling mixed shopping carts in Salesforce that combine first-party and multiple third-party product sales; and synchronizing data seamlessly across Salesforce Commerce Cloud and the Mirakl Marketplace Platform for real-time offer and order management.


Mirakl’s unmatched marketplace expertise is key to our customers’ success. Mirakl’s team of marketplace experts are dedicated to helping you establish best practices at the beginning of your journey while partnering with you over the long-term to provide strategic guidance for continued growth. Over 200 customers in 40 countries trust Mirakl to power their platform businesses, including Urban Outfitters, Best Buy Canada, Express, and Walmart Mexico.

With Mirakl and Salesforce working together, you’ll be able to expand your existing Salesforce catalog with the option to include multiple offers per product from multiple sellers and in various conditions. You can also support mixed shopping carts in Salesforce that combine first-party and multiple third-party products in a single checkout, providing a seamless front-end experience for your customers and streamlining operations on the back end.

An initiative as complex as launching and operating a marketplace can’t be treated as an add-on that’s built on top of an eCommerce platform – it simply isn’t scalable. Mirakl’s API-driven platform is already easy to integrate, and Mirakl has invested in pre-built connectors for leading eCommerce platforms to make it even easier to plug-in Mirakl’s robust set of marketplace tools. Mirakl’s Connectors offer the best of both worlds: retailers can easily pair Mirakl with leading commerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud without having to sacrifice customer experience, invest in custom development, or deprioritize critical back office capabilities that are required for your marketplace business to scale faster and more efficiently. 


What can FORWARD do for you?

What are the next steps?

A pre-built integration gives you the best experience for your customers with the simplicity of an all-in-one approach, and the expert knowledge of both Mirakl and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, FORWARD can help you get your marketplace initiative to market faster.


Reach out for more information about how a Mirakl-powered Marketplace empowers you to offer more, learn more, and sell more with a platform model that is asset light, margin rich and adaptive to a changing business landscape.

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