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Elevate Your Marketing with FastForward Marketing Cloud Strategy Accelerator

Is your Salesforce Marketing Cloud operational yet not fully optimized? The FastForward Marketing Cloud Strategy Accelerator is precisely what you need to unleash its full power. Our interactive consulting track is meticulously designed to enrich your Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns with advanced marketing automation practices and groundbreaking concepts. We focus on enhancing your Marketing Cloud engagement, ensuring it is perfectly aligned with your corporate strategy. Through our program, you’ll experience a significant boost in Marketing Cloud adoption, integrating innovative strategies that drive results and maximize efficiency.

Marketing Strategy Journey

Comprehensive Strategy Development Process

Our Strategy Accelerator includes a series of structured engagements to deeply understand your business and tailor our strategies to your unique needs. Starting with a half-day remote business download for an in-depth analysis of your operations, followed by an interactive, full-day on-site strategy sprint with your stakeholders, we dive deep into your marketing goals and challenges. The process culminates in the development of a strategic advice and accelerator hand-out deck over three days remotely, with a final half-day on-site debrief to discuss the strategy, explore mock-ups and journey flows, and outline next steps. This comprehensive approach ensures the perfect synergy between your strategy and the Marketing Cloud capabilities, providing you with out-of-the-box accelerator assets and insights for immediate impact.

Customizable Options for Extended Engagement

Beyond the core offerings of the FastForward Marketing Cloud Strategy Accelerator, we provide a plethora of optional features for businesses seeking to expand their marketing horizons. Our additional Salesforce Services and products include Service Cloud integration, FastForward Commerce Cloud, Data Cloud, MC Personalization, MC Intelligence, and loyalty solutions. These optional services are designed to complement and enhance your existing marketing strategies, providing a holistic approach to digital marketing success. With the FastForward Marketing Cloud Strategy Accelerator, you’re not just adopting a tool; you’re embracing a comprehensive strategy to revolutionize your marketing efforts and drive significant business growth.

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