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The story of CASA

Making a customer happy with a gift was the idea that Karel Govaerts had in mind when he founded CASA. It started as Fort company in 1925, which initially focused on the trade in dairy products and expanded to include brand foods. When a customer purchased a product at that time, they received saving stamps that they could subsequently exchange for gifts in household items. With more than 120 years of experience, CASA is now a key player in decorative and interior furniture.

Karen Van Staen CASA

The dream

Because of their experience and network in e-commerce, marketing and digital transformation, CASA’s e-commerce business experienced a rapid growth. In the 467 CASA stores, spread over 8 European countries, about 200,000 customers visit each week. To continue to grow CASA realized it was time to truly get to know the customers who visit their stores and connect with them. Their mission has always been to give customers a great shopping experience and they want them to enjoy life at home more with high-quality interior items.
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Casa Image

The Quest to Unify Customer
Experience and Ignite Loyalty

CASA commits to continuously improving its customer service and wants to offer the best possible customer experience. Instead of spreading information over different systems and departments, they wanted to move towards one platform to centralize all processes and data.

CASA wants to understand, inspire and reward customers. But because of their fragmented systems and insights, they didn’t really understand the customer’s personalized wants and needs. This created the urgency to unify, further digitalize and automate their business. This to organize a wealth of information about their customer and to communicate in a more targeted way, in line with the customer journey.

Offering a seamless experience to the customer on- and offline is another goal they continue to pursue. This as the customer simply expects the same service with every interaction they have. To accommodate this, CASA expressed their interest in a loyalty program with a digital savings card. It’s not only an accessible system for all countries online and in-store, but also generates strong engagement and prolonged customer retention.

10 %
more revenue
since the launch
60 %
adoption rate
+ 1 K
4 /5

Elevating Loyalty:

A Dynamic Solution for CASA's Customer Engagement

The CASA loyalty program that we developed consists of two Salesforce-based layers.As a first layer, we set up the CRM (Service Cloud) platform, a 360° view of customer data to enable customer service with better insights. Besides that, FORWARD delivered optimal data flows between the different Salesforce platforms and external systems such as Toshiba, the ERP and the webshop. As a second layer, Marketing Cloud is the solution to build highly personalized mail campaigns, based on the individual’s (purchasing) behavior and preferences, instead of just sending newsletters ‘in bulk’ to the entire customer base.

The scope included unifying the in-store and online experience to create connected customer journeys by providing a loyalty program. As a result, we provided the switch from the old-school, in-store-only stamp cards to digital loyalty cards. In this new loyalty program, customers can decide to join the ‘CASA Friends’ program in-store or when shopping online. After enriching personal information via the Marketing Cloud landing pages, called CloudPage, the new member is rewarded with welcome points. The data will be stored in Service Cloud and is centralized in the CASA database. At that moment, the customer welcome journey starts in Marketing Cloud by receiving a unique digital loyalty card, which can be stored in your Apple/Android Wallet.

Next to this loyalty campaign, other campaigns were managed, such as a B2B loyalty journey for business clients to provide them with a voucher and a birthday journey that contains multiple mails to reward loyal customers during their special time on their birthday. Most of CASA’s journeys are related to managing points and rewarding loyal shoppers. To enable this, we connected Salesforce with the power of Voucherify.

Karen Vanstaen

Marketing & Business Development Director

CASA International

“We’ve built a real relationship with FORWARD where we can be upfront about what we want and what works. I really believe that we’ve laid a solid foundation for working together and making CASA even bigger and better in the future.”

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