Salesforce’s latest Marketing Cloud features

Salesforce’s latest features of Marketing Cloud that humanize the customer experience with new Customer Data Platform innovations. The new features will help marketeers create more personalized experiences that drive lifelong […]

Salesforce’s latest features of Marketing Cloud that humanize the customer experience with new Customer Data Platform innovations. The new features will help marketeers create more personalized experiences that drive lifelong customer relationships.   

Marketeers are now entering a golden age of data analytics and optimizations. An era with a need for a unifying view of customers and a stronger customer engagement. Salesforce Customer 360 has been successfully gaining a comprehensive view of customer behaviors and preferences by collecting data from all sources. This successfully puts together moments across departments, including multichannel touchpoints, between a customer and a business entity. With the purpose to generate actionable insights and simplify workflow in a particular industry including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Companies are now facing a problem of rising inflation: the shrinking of customers’ buying power and forcing them to analyze their spending.  

With this problem in mind and the fact that with 88% of customers saying the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Companies must provide personalized experiences that remove friction and foster, trust and loyalty.  

“With Salesforce’s powerful service and marketing innovations layered with AI, businesses can deliver the personalized, connected experiences that build trust, loyalty, and longevity with customers.”

– Lidiane Jones, EVP & GM, Salesforce Digital Experiences.  

Get to know your customer better and understand them with new CDP and Intelligence Features.   

67% of marketeers are not satisfied with their ability to create more relevant experiences with customer data. The next generation of CDP and Marketing Cloud Intelligence will help marketeers to create a single source of truth. Aiming on getting to know their customers, engage with relevancy at scale and in real-time, unify analytics and leverage AI insights. This to continually optimize outcomes that increase customer value and growth. 

New CDP (Salesforce CDP) innovations  

Customer Data Platform (Salesforce CDP)

The next generation of Customer Data Platform helps marketeers create a single source of truth so they can get to know their customer and engage with relevancy at scale and in real time. 

  • Streaming Insight and Data Actions help marketeers to capture near real time data signals such as new customers, recent product transactions, or payment issue, to trigger workflow events.  
  • Advanced Identity Resolution use AI to match and merge disparate data for a better customer identification. To help ensure the most complete customer profile, marketeers now can use this functionality to solve duplicate fields such as address, email and phone. As well as records with names that have multiple spellings or frequently shortened nicknames and merge them.  
  • Anonymous Profiles marketeers now can track profiles and build a rich history of data on customers when they are in the anonymous state and then connect that data to their profiles once they become known. 

Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)  

Marketeers can leverage AI Insights and unify analytics by continually optimizing outcomes that increase customer value and growth. New Intelligence innovations announced recently include: 

  • Intelligence Reports for Engagement due to privacy changes, marketeers now have to shift their metrics from email open rates and evaluate their email performance by device, client, OS and browser. Furthermore they have to optimize new KPIs for conversions, clicks by link, bounce types, unsubscribes, complaints, and click event lag.  
  • Real time dashboard to interactively vizualize their marketing performance. Marketeers can explore and analyze deep data sets with new interactive visualization tools. This helps to easily compare currencies, channels, campaigns, time series, business units and more in a single customizable view.  

On top of this, the next generation Marketing Cloud (and naming) is now more aligned with the language marketeers already use. It makes the capabilities and value easy to understand.  

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