Salesforce’s Connections 2024

Salesforce Connections 2024 in a wrap!

It is no secret that Salesforce Connections is THE Salesforce event to attend if you have anything to do with the Salesforce Commerce and Marketing products. That also means we have sent a delegation to poke their noses in all the new candy available soon.

In this blog post, we will mainly focus on B2C Commerce Cloud, and for good reason — a lot is happening, and even this blog post will only be enough to capture some of it. So here are some of the highlights!


Most people on the platform are familiar with Hyperforce and may have migrated to it already. Unsurprisingly, this infrastructure update will also apply to the B2C Commerce Cloud (starting in the Americas). But what does this mean?

The official explanation is: ‘Hyperforce is Salesforce’s renewed infrastructure architecture based on the consumption of public cloud services. It has been designed to offer customers a more powerful and easily scalable platform.

But why does Commerce Cloud need this? Isn’t it already scalable? The most important thing to remember is that we need to be prepared not only for the coming months but also for the long-term future regarding system resources. Continuously upgrading the infrastructure long before it is needed should be the standard, and that is what Salesforce is doing.

Another benefit of this migration is that more regions, besides the already extensive POD locations, will become available.

A new long-awaited Business Manager experience

Business Manager Roadmap

After many years, the Business Manager is getting a long-awaited refresh. This move will bring it closer to the Lightning experience we are used to in other Salesforce products and a modern UI that we can use on mobile devices.

Just like we introduced the FastForward Business Manager Accelerator last year, Salesforce started prioritising not just the customer experience, but also the merchandising side, which is just as important. Quickly and easily performing merchandising tasks is vital for any business.

Salesforce has also promised that new extension points will be made available for partners and customers so that we can improve this new experience and tailor it to your needs.

Combining this new experience with our FastForward Business Manager Accelerator will give merchandisers and developers an entirely new experience that will speed up work and development like never before!

BOPIS, like you mean it


Allowing customers to search for products only available in their favourite store has been a persistent challenge, demanding additional data and developer effort. 

However, the upcoming integration of this feature as a native component of the platform will significantly streamline its implementation and require minimal development work. 

With this enhancement, all that’s necessary is to have inventory lists for each store, and the platform will seamlessly handle the rest!

Just getting started

These are just a few of Salesforce’s innovations on the platform—there are too many to cover in a single blog post!

The biggest takeaway from this story is that it is clear that Salesforce is giving B2C Commerce Cloud the attention it needs and is growing the platform for the future like never before!

So please look for more updates in the future or schedule your meeting with us below! 

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