Why Bentley is using CDP and you should too

Personalize relationships

We all know our world has changed and there is no way back. The relationship with customers has evolved and we need to follow along. More and more customers are becoming digital-first. We need to treat those customers like a person and not like a number. But it’s hard to personalize those digital relationships.

To be able to personalize this relationship (big) data is required. We know you might struggle with this, as a lot of companies do. Your data is often divided over departments making it hard to find one single source of truth. Your customers use different devices and channels to reach you. This multi-identity might make it seem difficult to create a useful customer profile. Even when you manage to do this, the data changes rapidly and you need to keep on track. Even a simple task like deduplicating your customer profiles can turn out in one big hassle.

You might think this will be a hard challenge to tackle. But if you focus on the 5 V’s, you might get some clarity on this.

The 5 V’s:

  • Velocity: The ability of different data sources being combined at different schedules.
  • Variety: The ability to make use of all kinds of different data and to map them to make one big data model.
  • Veracity: The capability to use deduplication in an easy way to create useful customer profiles.
  • Volume: The infrastructure to store this massive amount of data.
  • Value: The ability to not only create useful insights and segments but also being able the use them across all your communication channels.

Now that we have an understanding about what we need, you might want to dive in. You’re maybe considering hiring some data scientist to help your marketing department. But you will not need to worry about that, because that is what Salesforce CDP can provide for you. The tool isn’t for data scientist but for marketeers. So they can create those segments themselves.

Read more about how to make data smarter with Salesforce CDP in our latest blog article.

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