Commerce PWA Kit & Commerce Managed Runtime, the fast-path to Headless

Headless commerce?

Headless commerce gives merchants the agility to keep pace with their shoppers. It lets them create custom experiences and deliver commerce to any device or application.

But what is it exactly? Headless commerce is when the front-end experience layer (the head) is decoupled from the back-end commerce engine, with API’s bridging the gap. This allows front-end and back-end development teams to focus on their respective applications without stepping on each other’s toes.

Mobify, acquired by Salesforce in 2020, provides the Commerce PWA Kit and Commerce Managed Runtime as part of the B2C Commerce solution.

Benefits of using a PWA

  • Quick time to value: Instead of starting from scratch, use the PWA Kit and Managed Runtime to go live faster. Create modern web storefronts via progressive web apps (PWAs) with merchant-friendly themes.
  • Enhanced flexibility and productivity: customise the Commerce PWA Kit’s pre-built React templates and offload runtime management to focus on innovation. Build with efficiency!
  • Assured trust and scale: Deliver trust and scale with the Commerce Managed Runtime in a public cloud with a historical 99.99% uptime and proven global customer success.
  • Counting on improved website performance and SEO improvements.
  • Increasing front-end portability to other devices such as mobile, smartwatches, kiosk screens, and IoT
  • Ground work for an “offline mode”
  • Increase in flexibility development stack
Headless Commerce and the benefits of using a PWA

Fast Forward

At FORWARD, it is not our policy to lag. The moment we heard about this new step Salesforce was taking in 2020, we contacted Salesforce to get access before the “official release.”

That effort paid off. Currently, we are part of the first batch of partners and customers allowed to try out this new platform. Salesforce trusted us to bring our views and experience into the discussion to give this new platform its shape for many years to come.

For the next few months, we will be in bi-weekly meetings reviewing the steps taken by the Salesforce team to give our feedback.

Now, why are we doing this?

FORWARD likes to keep ahead of the competition. Giving us a head-start when PWA Managed Runtime is released officially later this year as we did before with SFRA or Storefront Reference Architecture.

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