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What is Marketing Cloud Intelligence ?

As a cloud-based online platform, Marketing Cloud Intelligence makes it possible to visualise and harmonise all (marketing) related intelligence. A clear and accessible dashboard combines all kinds of up-to-the-minute data, facilitating analysis and insights, and making your next move efficient and effective.

Agile response with Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

Driving your business agility and performance with a powerful 360° decision-making platform that:

  • Connects and combines all marketing data: Integrate data from different data sources and use them as your company’s single source of truth.
  • Measures ROI: Monitor progress by keeping an eye on your goals. Stay on track with smart goals and alerts.
  • Visualises KPIs: Benefit from clear, real-time reporting making it easy to monitor and improve investments, performance, and goals across your teams, campaigns, and channels.
  • Provides smart insights and analytics: Dive deeper into your data and access them in an instant. No more wasting time or resources on manual processes when it comes to analytics and reporting.

Suits standard and custom data sources

Integrated in Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama) allows you to harmonise diverse data from all standard data sources with a standard connector. Any additional applications are easily added with a custom connection.

Expert assistance from FORWARD and Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

Datorama is ideal for every medium to large organisation wishing to centralise and share all kinds of (marketing) data. We are experienced in implementing diverse Salesforce environments, whether complex or straightforward.

Moving forward?

Interested in integrating Datorama and boosting your business? We’re happy to help. Let’s start with a workshop (or two) to discuss your specific requirements. Then we’ll set about converting them into user stories and determining the workload. We’ll also consider the best way of working. After that, we’ll move on to configuration and development.

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